Replay Content Notice – Effective Nov 1, 2017

Free “Feature Game” Rotation and Other Non-Contracted Archived Video On Demand Content Availability

Any content or game produced free of charge to a team/organization no contracted otherwise, such as a feature game in our ongoing coverage rotation, a special event webcast such as a 5th quarter or other fundraiser event produced free of charge and without other agreement to provide extended on demand access, or other content without such an agreement or contract in place that is over a year old, especially with low viewership, of poor quality, or the like may be removed from our active Video On Demand Content Servers. The cost of video storage rises each year as we produce more content throughout the year, cover more areas and sports, and provide higher quality High Definition On Demand Recordings.

This content may still be available upon request. Typically we keep content 36 months or longer regardless of whether it was recorded for a contracted team or as a free feature game in rotation throughout the season. We do our best to keep stable copies of our footage 36 months minimum, and usually strive to keep an accessible copy even longer than that. In spite of our best efforts and practices, sometimes data is lost.

The larger the file, and the older the file, the greater the risk of data corruption, storage media corruption, file format deprecation, or other extenuating circumstance that may render playback or access to older content limited or impossible. That said, our Director of Content and Streaming is a world class data hoarder, and more often than not can find a stable copy of the footage you’re after. Any accessible/stable copy content less than 36 months old can be made accessible for viewing upon request free of charge. On Demand by Request Viewing Access to content over 36 months old may incur a nominal fee for de-archiving and conversion of older files into a current player-compatible format. Additionally, any requested content confirmed accessible for On Request Viewing that is over 36 months old at the time of request, has no access limits, subscription requirements, or other viewership restrictions can be made available as a download (pre-converted to a current video format) for an additional fee.

Contracted Content Video On Demand/Archived Availability

Content shall be made accessible per the terms of the agreement between the contracting entity and Friday Night Glory in good faith to the best of our ability in good faith. While we have all best practices, redundant storage, and other fail over security measures in place, in rare cases data loss, change in file format standards, and other circumstances beyond our control may render On Demand access to content, especially as it ages, limited or impossible temporarily or permanently. In this situation any and all efforts shall be made to remedy, repair, and restore service per the terms of the agreement or an alternate solution reached between both parties whenever possible. For access to contracted content after the terms of the agreement have expired please contact Friday Night Glory for information on the availability or permissions required to access or purchase this content.

Cold Storage Category Content

Content removed from CDN servers and potentially available on request. Please contact Friday Night Glory using the email address in the embedded image. For those that cannot see the image it’s 3 parts are:
(our company name as one word in alllowercase) (AT SIGN) (outlook )

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