Extracurricular Teams

Friday Night Glory is excited to announce its new partnership with My Saturday Morning Hero (SMH). My Saturday Morning Hero caters to youth and extracurricular league teams of all ages from preschoolers learning to play on their first team to high school students competing on elite club and travel teams.

In anticipation of the launch of the SMH website, Friday Night Glory will feature SMH content in a special section of our Extracurricular Teams pages. After the launch of My Saturday Morning Hero’s full website, we will continue to publish selected feature content from our partner throughout the year. The FNG Team is particularly excited for the development of coverage focused on up and coming young talent and extended coverage of known athletes beyond on campus teams.

We believe our partnership with SMH benefits youth through high school athletics up to the next level on the whole through supply of a quality media platform and accessible media services targeted to youth and extracurricular teams, through increased visibility for up and coming athletes via syndication of content featuring rising talent, through educating younger athletes on interaction with media in a safe and productive environment, and through cultivation of an extended, consistent audience by consistent supply of relevant, quality content.

Club Team, Travel Team, and Other Non-School League Interviews and Content