About Us


We provide a multimedia platform for the high school and youth sports universe. We provide a platform for live game and event webcasts, archived videos including full games, and announcements and team data. In late July we will launch our team and fan network service. We partnered with a COPPA compliant service provider to create a secure and private network that allows interaction between coaches, players, families, and fans. We have structured our service to be flexible and dynamic. We designed our platform so that an organization may use any or all of the features available and add or remove features at any point. We also provide additional, optional services related to online and shareable multimedia. We announce games, produce fundraising events, add graphics to game and other video, edit highlight reels, and build player profile websites targeted toward recruiting and sharing.


We designed our system to provide income to the teams that participate in our program. We return twenty percent of the net income from a team’s portal to the organization. Teams also have the option to sell advertising space on their pages. We accept sponsor image banners or provide a reusable image banner for an additional fee to the sponsor. With the permission of the organization we also utilize social media such as Facebook and Twitter to promote team events, games, and the webspace itself.