Saturday Morning Heroes: 2017 Super Bowl Replays

SVAA 4th Grade Super Bowl 2017

Saturday Morning Heroes

powered by Friday Night Glory


2017 SVAA Super Bowl Replays – All Divisions, Full Games

Click the Film Strip Icon in the bottom right corner of the player to switch between each division’s replay. Read below to learn more about the replays and obtaining USB Media Copies!
[Click Here] to view the replays on the SVAA page.

These games will be available for viewing online through a web browser (desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile) for 3 years. After that they will be retained in archive as long as possible, but will only be available on request and for a fee. If you think you’d like to purchase a USB media copy of one or more of the games, please contact Mark “Tank” Evans via email – click the box to display.

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USB Media copies contain a full resolution MP4 format copy of the game purchased. These can be used in your own videos, gifted to family and friends, played back via a smart TV with USB input and the appropriate media player app, or copied to a local/home media server or computer for viewing on any device with access to your connected home entertainment. Keep and eye on social media and your email for a message from Mark about the options to purchase a USB Media copy of any or all of the games through Saturday Morning Heroes!

One Comment

  1. Keith Magee

    June 14, 2018 at 1:42 pm

    Really need to improved the quality of the filming. The extra point by Red Tide was a close call, but the camera doesn’t even move to follow the play. Perhaps the announcer is also the camera man, and both roles are just too much. I would also suggest that you cut out the “dead space” video. There are no comments, and no reason to watch 30 minutes of film with no action… just cut away after the ball is spotted, and resume when the offense breaks the huddle.

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